Free Psychic Question Readings & Tarot Card Readings 2017

Getting a free psychic reading, free psychic question, or a tarot card reading can be a life changing and powerful experience, which is why thousands of people all over the world turn to online psychic readers in search for answers to their lives’ biggest questions. Whether you are worried if you will ever find true love or have a successful career, a psychic reader has the ability to give you the insight you are searching for. spiritualadvisorpsychic-6962483

However, the problem here is to find a real or genuine psychic or tarot reading, which is not at all easy. A simple keyword search on Google for free psychic question reading will lead you to thousands of different sites offering their best reading services. But with so many options, how can one tell which is legitimate and authentic and which are just scams? That is where this section will help you.

Although there are without a doubt plenty of honest and trustworthy people out there, one still needs to be aware of the potential scams and frauds.

Below mentioned are three most common gimmicks that you should avoid while looking for a free psychic question or tarot reading:

• The Love Spell Scam

this type of fraud involves the psychics telling you that you can easily make anyone fall in love with you using a special and unique ‘love spell’. The truth is that free psychic readings or tarot readings will only help you find the one you love, not actually make the person fall in love with you.

• The Curse Scam

this happens usually when a psychic reader will tell you that your family is cursed and that to remove that curse you will need to pay extra money. This is one of the most common, dirtiest and oldest scams in this field and should be avoided at any cost. There is nothing as bad as being cursed in the real world.

• The Free Psychic Question Readings

this is more of a gimmick than just a scam, however, not all free readings are scams, and some are honest and tend to offer you genuine psychic readings with real psychic readers.

Some psychics will be better than others. Just like there are runner ups and Olympic medal winners. So it’s all about experience and practice in the psychic reading world. To find yourself the right psychic reading, start by searching online. Remember with time and effort you will eventually find yourself a true and genuine psychic reader, so keep looking.

After short listing a few good free psychic question reading sites and readers, join the chat groups of the chosen sites as the psychic or tarot card reader here cannot make any inferences from facial expression whatsoever, so you an easily figure out whether or not they can provide you real and genuine readings.

Remember that well-known psychic and tarot card reader or websites will always allow users to rate and give reviews about each psychic. This way you will be able to determine the bad and the good testimonials.

Moreover, if a psychic is genuine, he or she will immediately tell you something pertinent in your life before your session starts. This way you will be able to easily spot the real psychic. Remember that no personal information is needed for tarot or psychic readings, therefore, if the reader asks you personal questions about your life, you’ll know that it’s time to walk out.

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Here are four rules that will help you decide if the psychic reader is genuine or not:

• A true psychic is detached and will not inject his or her personal opinion on you. • The psychic must be honest and not hold back any suspicious information when giving readings. • A true psychic is specific and accurate. If you notice the reader giving vague statements that can fit in anybody’s life, then they are not real.

• Let the psychic do all the talking, you do not have to give them any personal information, apart from the questions that you need answers to, because that is that reader’s job, isn’t it?